Book #1 from the series: The Baxter Kids Adventures

The Secret of Death Trap Mine

A Baxter Kids Adventure

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Strange events at a Gold Rush-era mine ...

Two inquisitive kids ...

What could go wrong?

When professional skeptic and YouTuber Jason Baxter and his 12-year-old twins, Eric and Abbie, travel to Skagway, Alaska to investigate reports of paranormal activity at the legendary Death Trap Mine, they quickly find themselves caught in the middle of a local conflict.

Their search for the truth leads them to evidence of possible ulterior motives, and they realize there may be more to these ghost stories than meets the eye.

Join Jason, Eric, and Abbie on their first spine-tingling adventure as they seek to unveil the secrets hiding in Alaska's legendary ghost mine!

Praise for this book

I got this book for my daughter and she read through it in a matter of days! She asked when the next book in the series is going to come out so I decided to give the book a read as well. The author did a fantastic job of telling a thrilling story but making the writing accessible to young readers! I loved the Box Car children series when I was growing up and this author’s writing style is very similar. I highly recommend this story!