Book #10 from the series: The Shelby Alexander Thriller Series

Serenity Divided: A Vigilante Justice Action Thriller (The Shelby Alexander Thriller Series Book 10)

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A gunshot in the dead of night. A web of deception. Loyalties tested to the breaking point.

A shocking attempt on the life of Shelby Alexander’s best friend and partner, Mack, leaves the retired detective fighting for his life in a coma. Shelby races to uncover the identity of the shooter, as a twisted web of secrets and lies begins to unravel, pointing to a sinister connection to Shelby’s own past.

With the help of the wry and determined Sheriff Angela Hammer, Shelby must navigate a treacherous landscape of false leads and hidden agendas. But as the investigation deepens, the danger hits far too close to home, threatening the lives of those Shelby holds most dear.

In Serenity Divided, the tenth installment of the Shelby Alexander Thriller Series, we find our hero confronting the unthinkable and making a big decision that will dramatically change the rest of his life.