Mayan Thunder

The Maxwell Barnes Adventure Thriller Series Book 2

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When the stakes are this high, betrayal always lurks...

Maxwell Barnes is on a high-stakes scavenger hunt with no end in sight. The initial discovery of the long-lost Crystal of Ahrum has spiderwebbed into a much more complex adventure, threatening his relationships, worldview...and even his life.

Having dropped off the first crystal fragment to their wealthy financier, Myron Crabtree, the intrepid group, led by Max and his lifelong friend Axel Morales, sets off to investigate the sites of ancient Egypt, lured onward by tantalizing clues found in Mayan codices.

Max finds himself forced to rely on others and resist his own cynical nature to obtain needed information. But will this reluctant decision to trust end with tragedy?

From the award-winning, bestselling author of the Shelby Alexander series, now comes the epic Maxwell Barnes series, archaeological adventure thrillers with a paranormal twist.

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